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    질문 Can the compressor be remotely started / stopped?

    Remote start / stop refers to a function that starts or stops the compressor from a place other than the compressor body.


    Remote start and stop can be performed using oil injection screw air compressor and oil-free scroll air compressor controller.
    This requires changes in internal setting of the controller and wiring of switches. Please contact our headquarters or agency for details.
    ※ You can view detailed methods by scanning the QR code on the front side of the product. (Only for AS SERIES)

    질문 What is power failure compensation function?

    Power failure compensation function refers to a function in which compression process is automatically continued when power is restored after abnormal power failure caused by blackout of main power during normal compression, no-load operation or standby state.


    The controller of oil injection screw air compressor and oil-free scroll air compressor has such power failure compensation function. However, the default setting has this function turned off to prevent safety accidents. Accordingly, you need to change the controller setting in order to use power failure compensation.
    Please contact our headquarters or agency for details.

    질문 What are the standards of power cable and breaker for on-site installation of the compressor?
    답변 Standards of main power cable and capacity of breaker for each model / capacity are included in the attached file.
    Stable operation of the compressor can only be achieved when it is installed / operated according to the given standards.
    질문 What are the causes of high temperature of discharged air?

    There can be various causes, but major causes are as follows.


    ☞ When ventilation of surrounding air is poor
    ☞ When oil cooler is severely contaminated
    ☞ When replacement cycle of consumables has exceeded (oil, oil filter, etc.)
    ☞ When temperature regulator malfunctions
    ※ Please contact the agency for cases not described above.

    질문 Does air volume indicated on the catalog refer to volume of compressed air?

    Air volume indicated on the catalog is volume of discharge air converted to conditions of inhalation.
    In other words, it is air volume at atmospheric pressure.


    * In general, this air volume is indicated based on relative humidity of 65%, temperature of 20°C and pressure of 760 mmHg.